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Dr. Amsel Jaime
Fields of Research
Dr. Amsel	Jaime
School of Management & Economics
  • Innovation Management

  • Management Mental Set

  • Startup learning

  • Organizational Contexts

Short Bio

Educated as an Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Amsel has harnessed his 35 years of management consulting expertise to develop practical management tools.

He holds a doctorate in Organizational Psychology from Alliant U. U.S.A. He also completed Group Dynamics facilitation training at the UCLA Center for Organizational and Group Dynamics.

Jaime as Expert-Supervisor Psychologist accredited in Israel. He was a member of the Israeli Ministry of Health Occupational and Organizational Psychology committee.

Jaime has worked in 12 different countries on projects with organizations like: the World Bank, Parque E (in Medellin, Colombia. Named world most innovative city 2012), Tecnológico de Monterrey, TEVA, Education Ministries (Albania, Serbia), The Israel Central Bank, Rafael, MSystems, GITA National Innovation System of Georgia, Kowil (Textile, Vietnam), Tel Aviv Municipality (World smart city 2013), Beit Issie Shapira and many more.

Has been a Judge in the TIC America´s young entrepreneurship yearly contest.

He developed the OT2I – Organizational Transformation to Innovation management working model, which has been adopted by the Young America´s Business Trust (YABT).

Has presented at various scientific and professional conferences among them at the United Nations and the Organization of American States, and has been featured in the media.

He is a Major (ret.) with the Israel Defense Forces, still active in the reserve.

Selected Publications

  1. New Governance for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Startups. Chapter in Behavioral Finance: The Coming of Age. ed. by Itzhak Venezia. World Scientific, Pub. 2019.

  2. Human Resources Management at the Kibbutz movement. Chapter in Human Resources Management Practices in Israel 2004-2005, Caspi, A. & Hofstetter, H. (eds.) Bar Ilan University, 2006. (in Hebrew).

  3. The NIMH Multisite HIV Prevention Trial: Reducing HIV Sexual Risk Behavior.  Science, vol. 280, num. 5371, June 19, 1998.  (NIMH Multisite HIV Prevention Trial Group).

  4. Revisiting the Dimensions of Acculturation: Cultural Theory and Psychometric Practice.  Hispanic Journal of the Behavioral Sciences, November, 1996, vol. 18(4), 444-468.

  5. The accuracy of auscultatory detection of fetal cardiac decelerations: A computer simulation. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, February, 1992, 166:566-76.

  6. How do managers in different levels explain their subordinates' success and failure? Journal of Business and Psychology. 1991. Vol. 5(4):177-187.

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