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Research Institute of Society and Economics (RISE) 

The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo was chosen as the recipient to receive a donation from the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation to establish the new Research Institute of Society & Economics (RISE). RISE began its operations during the second half of 2021. The institute head and leader is Dr. Rachel Azurel Calipha, who was the winner of the foundation's grant. The other members of the Centers' team include Dr. Yifat Reuvni and Dr. Vered Holzmann, who won the European ERASMUS + Capacity Building Innovative Finance Inclusion grant in Academia and Field.

The institute's vision is to develop and share knowledge, to provide tools and innovative practices, to all stakeholders (Academia, Industry, Government and more), in the fields of social and economic impact. The goal is to expose students to encounters with professionals from the business-entrepreneurial world and from the public and capital market. Ultimately enabling them to partake in the development of sustainable and fair economy. The Institute will operate across several channels: Research, building databases, delivering dedicated training, implementing impact investments, holding competition CASE STUDIES, and the establishment of an international community and professional network.

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Dr. Rachel Calipha, Head of the RISE 

Dr. Calipha is the Head of  the RISE Institute, after receiving an Edmond de Rothchild Foundation grant for her research in Mergers in Non-Profit Organizations. In addition to M&As, Dr. Calipha explored other fields in Finance, such as prediction markets, and received an Edmond de Rothchild Foundation grant for developing an online course in Social Bonds. Dr. Calipha's other roles at MTA include serving as the Head of the Capital Market Specialty in the BA program of Economics & Management, as well as the Head of Strategy Specialty in the MBA program. 


For further information about our initiatives, please contact:

Coordinator: Dana Winter 


Phone: +972 -3-6802759

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