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Dr. Keinan Ruty
Fields of Research
Dr. Keinan Ruty
School of Management & Economics
  • Decision making and risk taking, with special emphasis on passive risk taking

  • Risk accepted through inaction

Short Bio

Dr. Keinan is a social psychologist and OD consultant, specializing in organizational change, leadership development and management consulting. She teaches various courses in the MA organizational consulting program, as well as the BA psychology program, including: Leadership in Organizations, Biases in Decision Making, Consulting Organizations in Crisis and a workshop course in Interviewing skills.  Before joining the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffo, Dr. Keinan served in the Behavioral Science Center of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as a career officer, retiring in 2017 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (LtC).

Selected Publications

  1. Arend, I., Shabtai, A., Idan, T., Keinan, R. & Bereby Meyer, Y. (2020). Passive-and not Active-Risk Tendencies Predict Cyber Security Behavior. Computers & Security.

  2. Keinan, R., & Bereby-Meyer, Y. (2017). Perceptions of Active versus Passive risks, and the effect of personal responsibility. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 43(7), 999-1007.

  3. Keinan R., & Bereby-Meyer, Y. (2012). Leaving it to chance - Passive risk taking in everyday life. Judgment and Decision Making, Vol. 7(6), 705–715.

  4. Pittman, T.S., Tykocinski, O.E., Keinan, R. and Matthews, P.A. (2008). When bonuses backfire: An Inaction Inertia analysis of procrastination induced by a missed opportunity. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Vol 20, 1–12.

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