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Dr. Landau Dana
Fields of Research
Dr. Landau Dana
School of Management & Economics
  • Organizational Theory and Culture

  • Qualitative Research Methods

  • Organizational Vision and Organizational change

Short Bio

Dr. Landau holds an assistant professorship in the school of Management and Economics at the Academic College of Tel Aviv (MTA).  She holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Tel Aviv University, a master’s degree in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University, and a doctorate in Organizational Behavior from Tel Aviv University. She has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses at the Recanati School of Business at Tel Aviv University, the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, Stern School of Management, At NYU, as well as in various academic colleges in Israel.

Dr. Landau has also served as a process consultant to Governmental, national and multinational Israeli firms including a public company in the Textile sector and a major Research and Development entity within the Defense sector. Dr. Landau’s experience in consulting is mainly in the areas of implementing organizational change processes. Her main areas of expertise are corporate restructuring, cultural adaptations, and managing the tension between social roles and the demands of industrial working life, in business corporations operating in developing areas of the world.

Her teaching interests are Macro Organizational Behavior, Organizational Design, Business Ethics and Human Resource Management.

Selected Publications


  1. Drori, I. and Landau, D. (February, 2011). Institutional entrepreneurship in Governmental R&D Organization: A Cultural Approach. NY: Berghahn Books.

Refereed Articles

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