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Dr. Lavie Noa
Fields of Research
Dr. Lavie Noa
School of Government and Society
  • Cultural Sociology

  • Creative Industries

  • Television Studies

  • Generation Y and Z Studies

Short Bio

Dr. Lavie has a doctorate in sociology from Tel Aviv University. In recent years she has studied the field of television in Israel, focusing on the question of defining television quality in the fields of reality television production in Israel and television drama. Currently, Dr. Lavie is focusing also on Gender inequalities in the family (concentrating on generation Y) and on creative industries labor markets.

Dr. Lavie has published in leading journals dealing with the seam between media, media, sociology, political economics and art. She recently co-edited a special issue of Poetics titled: Global tastes: the transnational spread of non-Anglo-American culture, with her co-editor Dr. Simone Varriale, from the University of Lincoln, UK.

Dr. Lavie won the Hammer scholarship for television research of the Second Authority for Television and Radio and the Levinson Foundation for Political Economics. In 2017 she won an ISF (Israel Science Foundation) grant for a joint study with Prof. Amal Jamal of the Tel Aviv University for their joint research about Palestinian-Israeli creative labor force (actors and actresses, directors and scriptwriters) and their experience and identity formation in Israel. 

Dr. Lavie is the Head of the Political Communications Division at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College and the Academic Director of the College's Young Adult Program.

Dr. Lavie won the National Student Union award for inspiring teaching in 2016.

In the year 2019-2020 Dr. Lavie has been an Israel Institute visiting professor at the University of Chicago.

Selected Publications

  1. Jamal, Amal & Lavie, Noa (2020). Resisting subalternity: Palestinian mimicry and passing in the Israeli cultural industries. Media, Culture & Society. (online first).

  2. Jamal, Amal & Lavie, Noa (2020). Subaltern Agency in the Cultural Industries: Palestinian Creative Labor in the Israeli Series Fauda. Journal of Communication, 14, 2403–2421. 

  3. Lavie, Noa & Varialle, Simone (2019). Introduction, In: . Poetics.Vol. 75.

  4. Lavie, Noa & Jamal, Amal (2019). Constructing ethno-national differentiation on the set of the TV series, Fauda. Ethnicities: (online first).

  5. Lavie, Noa (2018).  Between Drama and Reality: Israeli television creators talk, Israeli Sociology. 19 (2): 99-120. [In Hebrew].

  6. Lavie, Noa. (2017). Justifying Trash: Regulating Realty TV in Israel. Television & New Media, DOI: 10.1177/1527476417742970.

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