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Dr. Tobias Guy
Fields of Research
Dr. Tobias Guy
School of Nursing Science
  • Public health

  • Integrating computerized platforms for promoting health

  • Digital Health

  • Personalized Medicine

  • Mobile Health

  • Telemedicine

  • Health Economics

Short Bio

Dr. Tobias, Director of the "MIVCHAR" Nursing school at the Tel-Aviv Yafo College MTA, and was appointed Attending lecturer (2018). He received his BSc. Med in 2005, DMD in 2007, MPH in 2012, Ph.D. in 2020. All from Hebrew university- Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine. He was elected for CEO- of the medical student's association at the Hebrew University (2003-2005), and currently serves as the President of the Israeli Dental Public Health society. Dr. Tobias won the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hebrew University—Hadassah (2013, 2016), and award for Excellence in Teaching, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo (2018,2019). He had conducted several health promotion programs among Disadvantaged populations: Holocaust survivors, refugee's children's and Healthy Army Base Program. Dr. Guy Tobias serves as head of several academic and professional dental committees and serves as reviewer at the BMC Public Health Journal and the International Dental Journal and has published several peer review and local articles.

Selected Publications

  1. Zini A, Tobias G, Sgan-Cohen H. Is the oral health reform in Israel optimally distributed? - A Commentary. Israel Journal of Health Policy Research volume 8, Article number: 33 (2019)

  2. Levit H PI, Vered Y C, Tobias G C, Zini A C. (2018) Elderly Smile, Community program among holocaust survivors. Israel Dental Hygiene Assoc J 61:24-25

  3. Tobias GPI, Vered YC, Zini AC, Mann JC. Forecasting Dental Manpower for 2030. The Journal of the Israel Dental Association, vol 35. No 3, July 2018.

  4. Tobias G PI, Yablon I, Sgan-Cohen HD c. (2015) Research Methods in Human beings. Adkan Dent Mag 140:14-220 (Hebrew)

  5. Tobias G PI, Zini A C, Sgan-Cohen HD C (2015) Oral Health among Holocaust survivors. Israel Dental Hygiene Assoc J 53:18-20

  6. Tobias G PI, Sgan-Cohen HD c, Mann Jc. (2014). The fight against the fight against water fluoridation: special update. Adkan Dent Mag 134:14-24 (Hebrew)

  7. Tobias G PI, Sgan-Cohen HD c, Mann J c. (2014). Water fluoridation in Israel: Past, Present and Future. Israel Dental Hygiene Assoc J 51:18-20

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