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Ms. Pagis Merav
Fields of Research

Short Bio

Merav Pagis is a lecturer of English for Academic Purposes at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, where she also serves as the Head of the English Unit. Merav received her BA in English Literature and a teaching certificate, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and MA in English and Gender Studies from the Graduate Center of CUNY in New York.

She is interested in translation and has translated various academic and nonfiction articles and books.

Merav has been involved in the development and delivery of an In2It Erasmus+ course. The course, English for Internationalization Purposes, is designed to enhance students' practical language skills for today's global professional and academic environment. This course is delivered in an authentic context, where students work in mixed international groups in a collaborative fashion and develop their English language oral proficiency, practice using Internet Technology to communicate, and increase their intercultural awareness.

Currently Merav leads the English Unit faculty in the transition to the Common European Framework language teaching system.

Selected Publications

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