25 Facts about MTA

25 figures you did not know about the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo (MTA)—from inception until today:

1. On March 3rd 2019, MTA marked its silver anniversary. 

2. MTA initially operated from 4 different locations in Tel Aviv-Yaffo: Antokolsky Street, Dafna Street, Sold Street and Melchett Street. 

3. We are celebrating a decade since we moved into our permanent campus in Jaffa

4. The first building erected on the Jaffa campus was named after Alfredo Bernstein, Benjamin Rosental, Fomento - Mexico

Constructions of The first Building for Behavioral Sciences under the name of Alfredo Bernstein, Benjamin Rosental, Fomento - Mexico. 2003

5. Our academic program was launched with only 4 undergraduate programs: Computer Science, Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Management, and Government and Society.

6. We currently operate 18 undergraduate and graduate programs, including thesis master’s degrees.

7. In 1997, 257 students attended our first graduation ceremony.

8. Today, MTA boasts a total of 15,234 graduates. 

9. We have, so far, held 22 degree ceremonies for grad