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MTA will construct a new building for an Integrative Health Science Center that will be a home for research units and training facilities for future and continuing education healthcare professionals.

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The Building for Health Sciences at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo / Construction

Program Benefits

The Need

Israel’s medical workforce suffers from an acute shortage in academically educated and skilled nurses. There is currently an estimated deficit of 12,000 nurses in hospitals and community clinics according to the Ministry of Health. This substantially lower-than-the-OECD-average number of nurses per capita negatively impacts in a profound manner the quality of medical care offered to Israeli society.

Heeding the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Council of Higher Education’s appeal to open additional degree tracks in the field of healthcare science, the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo is now seeking to transform its School of Nursing into an all-encompassing School of Health Sciences, which will accommodate not only our current activities but also new academic programs. This significant expansion of activities necessitates constructing a new building on campus dedicated to the health care professions.

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The Vision

Within the short span of seven years since its establishment, MTA’s School of Nursing has become a leader in its field in Israel, gaining the reputation of a center of outstanding professionals. It boasts a successful Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program for the general public, as well as a unique BSN program for Haredi men. The School has played a major part in reforming nursing training in Israel thanks to its inclusive programs that, in collaboration with its strategic partnerships with HMOs and medical centers, prepare a diverse workforce of healthcare practitioners for gainful and meaningful employment. Growth in student numbers has been substantial from the onset: the program enjoyed a 400% increase in student enrollment in its second year of operation, a trend that continues also today, with more then 760 students attending the 2019-2020 academic year—a 80% increase from the previous academic year.

The School of Health Sciences will build upon the proven academic excellence of the current School of Nursing but will go beyond to open new tracks, such as an MSc in nursing and an MA in Assisted Medicine specializing in medical assistants. It will work to develop solutions to the complex contemporary challenges of healthcare in Israel, which include the acute shortage of nurses and medical psychologists, opening the health care professions to new sectors, work in a multi-cultural environment, and more.  

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For further information about our initiatives or pathways to your personal support of the MTA Capital Fund, please contact:



Yariv Sultan, Vice President

Development & External Relations

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