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Government & Society

University Panamericana

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UP has three main campuses in Mexico, but MTA has collaborated with the Mexico City campus and and its three branches in Mixcoac, Santa Fe, and Ciudad UP. The Mexico City campus offers studies in the fields of Administration, Finance, Humanities, Mathematics, Marketing, Int. Business and Information Technologies. 

University of Florence

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The University of Florence (UNIFI) fosters cooperation with academic and research institutions all over the world and welcomes foreign teaching staff, researchers and students to promote cultural and scientific internationalization. With English programs in Economics & Management, Psychology, Information Engineering, and Political & Social Sciences we are optimistic about our Student and Faulty exchange partnership with University of Florence.

SWPS - Wrocław

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SWPS - Warsaw

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The first private university in Poland, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) has been ranked by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education as the leading higher education institution offering Social Sciences programs in Poland. MTA and SWPS have agreed to strengthen academic ties through the promotion of academic exchange, including visits by staff and students to the partner institute for the purposes of research, lectures and conferences, and cooperation in teaching and research.

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