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Integrating Arab youth into the Academia

Program Overview

To support Arab high school graduates from across the country in their integration in academia, MTA runs a unique, one-year pre-academic preparatory program that supports them in adjusting to the new and unfamiliar academic environment and contributes to their college retention and graduation rates.

The program, which enjoys over 85% graduation rate, is led by Arab-Israeli coordinators, and offers an entire framework of supporting services: academic teaching and tutoring, social enrichment, and personal mentorship, in a setting of a small group and close accompaniment of faculty and staff.

Acknowledging the success of the program, and based on its replicability, the Israeli Council of Higher Education recently decided to adapt it into a nation-wide model to be applied in similar programs throughout the Israeli higher education system


For further information about our initiatives or pathways to your personal support of the MTA Capital Fund, please contact:

Adv. Liat Weiss-Shahaf / Vice President for External Relations
Phone: +972-3-6803418

Ms. Tal Stalik Tzur / Project Manager, External Relations
Phone: +972-3-6802781
Fax: +972-3-6803301

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