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Giving Back through Learning

At the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo (MTA), Experiential Learning, Applied Research and Social Commitment make up the foundation of our academic offering.
In recognition of the gift of knowledge, the privilege of higher education, and gracious support of our donors and the city of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, we have dedicated ourselves to giving back and serving the people, community and country in which we live, work and study.
In support of this belief, the MTA has made community based projects and hands-on fieldwork an integral part of our curriculum. In doing so we offer a wide range of discipline-focused programs that engage, inspire and challenge our students to effect sustainable social change and economic security.
In doing so, the MTA looks to provide our students the opportunity to put theory to practice, knowledge to test, and tools to work.
As a result, we aspire to graduating good people, with exceptional knowledge, experience and understanding of this simple fact — the most valuable lesson we will ever learn, is the one that is shared with others.

School Programs

School of Computer Science

As part of their coursework, student in the School of Computer Science, develop assistive technologies for people with disabilities. They learn to identify individual needs and translate them into technological tools, machines, games and applications for the immediate and longterm benefit of users.

School of Behavioral Sciences

Under the supervision and guidance of the faculty, students at the School of Behavioral Sciences provide therapeutic mentoring for at-risk youth. The students' work provides much-needed support to the local education and welfare system, as they gain hands-on experience in therapeutic methods. The real winners are of course the community’s youth, who show improvement in their educational achievements and emotional wellbeing.

Nirim: A Therapeutic Mentoring ProgramforAt-Risk Youth


For further information about our initiatives or pathways to your personal support of the MTA Capital Fund, please contact:

Yariv Sultan, Vice President

Development & External Relations

Mobile +972-52-851-0022


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