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Dr. Carolina Tannenbaum-Baruchi
Fields of Research
Dr. Carolina Tannenbaum-Baruchi
School of Nursing Science
  • People with Disabilities

  • Vulnerable Populations 

  • Accessibility 

  • Cultural Diversity in Health Systems

  • Disaster and emergency management

  • Health Promotion

  • Qualitative methodologies

Short Bio

Dr. Carolina Tannenbaum-Baruchi is the Head and Lecturer of School of Nursing Science in The Academic College Tel Aviv - Yaffo; a lecturer in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, as well a member of the Prepared Research Center in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She carries out research and works towards making the heath system for people with hearing disabilities and has done this since 2011. She focuses on routine life and emergency situations. With the results of her research, she tries to find practical solutions for making life more accessible for people with hearing disabilities. She also is an adviser to various organizations regarding the accessibility of the health system and emergency situations for people with hearing disabilities.

She is the eldest daughter of Deaf parents, and so the scientific field is part of her personal life.

Education: B.S.N - Nursing Science; M.EM - Emergency Medicine, PhD - Public Health

Selected Publications

Ph.D. Dissertation: "A Mixed-Methods Study of Resources, Barriers, and Self-Efficacy Perceptions of Persons with Hearing Disabilities during Routine and Emergency Situations". (2020). (Hebrew).
M.A Tesis: "Coping of the Deaf Person in Cast Lead Operation". (2013) (Hebrew).

1.  Tannenbaum-Baruchi, C., Yizhak, L., Levy, D., Debre, D. (2022). “Perspective of people with hearing disabilities on healthcare process accessibility in Israel heath system.” Body of Knowledge. The Journal of the Israeli Association for Nursing Research. 21:14-22. (Hebrew).

2. Tannenbaum-Baruchi, C. & Frenkel, B. (2022). “Shared Responsibility - An Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Hearing Disabilities.  Israel Home Front Command and The Israel Ministry of Defense. (Hebrew).

3. Tannenbaum-Baruchi, C., Feder-Bubis, P. 2018. "New sign language new(S): The globalization of sign language in the smartphone era." Disability & Society 33(2): 309-12

4. Tannenbaum-Baruchi, C., Feder-Bubis, P., and Aharonson-Daniel, L. 2017. Dialogue in Emergencies-Interpreters of Sign Language in Israel. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 32(S1), S181-S182.

5. Tannenbaum-Baruchi, C., Feder-Bubis, P., Adini-Wiesel, B., and Aharonson-Daniel, L. 2014. "Emergency situations and deaf people in Israel: Communication obstacles and recommendations," Disaster Health 2(2): 106-11.

6. Tannenbaum-Baruchi, C., Feder-Bubis, P., Adini-Wiesel, B., and Aharonson-Daniel, L. 2014. "How Deaf people cope in routine and emergency situations – suggested paths for thought and action." Harefuah 153(9): 532-6, 558.

7. Aharonson-Daniel, L., Tannenbaum-Baruchi, C., and Feder-Bubis, P. 2012. "The health of deaf people." Lancet 379(9833): 2238-9 (Letter).

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