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Dr. Diamant Irene
Fields of Research
Dr. Diamant Irene
School of Behavioral Sciences
  • Accident Proneness

  • Human Error

  • Personnel Selection and Assessment

  • Time Perception and Evaluation

  • Stress and Burnout.

Short Bio

Dr. Irene Diamant is a lecturer at the School of Behavioral Sciences at The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, where she also serves as Acting Director of the graduate program of Occupational Psychology. Irene received her doctorate degree from the Psychology Department, Tel-Aviv University. Her thesis was on Attention Functions in Time Estimation.

Dr. Diamant is licensed as an Expert Occupational Psychologist. As part of her professional experience she was, for many years, the chief psychologist of a Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis Institute where she was responsible for a team of 15 psychologists, dealing with selection, assessment, and diagnosis processes as well as with consultation to organizations across varied sectors.

Irene was a member of interdisciplinary committees advising government offices on psychological assessment of fitness to drive and on work stress and burnout on a national level. She wrote and coordinated a number of advisory papers for the use of governmental and public bodies.

Her research works have been presented in conventions in Israel and in various other countries.

Selected Publications

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