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Dr. Kalfon Hakhmigari Maor
Fields of Research
Dr. Kalfon Hakhmigari Maor
School of Behavioral Sciences
  • Work-family balance

  • Vocational identity

  • Intergenerational transmission processes of work

  • Career and romantic relationships

  • Interventions in career counseling and therapy

Short Bio

Dr. Maor Kalfon Hakhmigari is a lecturer in the M.A. program on Occupational Psychology in the School of Behavioral Sciences at the Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College. Maor received her doctorate degree from the School of Psychology at Bar-Ilan University. The title of her doctoral thesis was Balancing career and family among young adults: The role of personality development, intergenerational transmission, and support systems. Her work has been published in scholarly journals such as Career Development International and Emerging Adulthood.

Maor is a vocational psychologist, having qualified as a Specialist in career counseling and therapy. Her broad professional experience includes career counseling at Bar-Ilan University Counseling Center and in her private clinic, in which she continues to work in parallel to her academic pursuits. In addition, she has worked for many years as a psychologist in the field of employee selection and assessment for private agencies.

Selected Publications

1. Kalfon Hakhmigari, M., Michaeli, Y., J. Dickson, D., Scharf, M., & Shulman, S. (2019). Personality maturation among emerging adults and future career success. Career Development International, 24(2), 146-162. 2018 Impact Factor: 1.561, 5-year Impact Factor (2017): 2.449.

2. Michaeli, Y., Dickson, D. J., Hakhmigari, M. K., Scharf, M., & Shulman, S. (2019). Change in Self-Criticism Across Emerging Adulthood and Psychological Well-Being at Age 35: The Mediating Role of Reflectivity. Emerging Adulthood, 1-12. RG Journal Impact (2018-2019): 0.89.

3. Michaeli, Y., Kalfon Hakhmigari, M., Dickson, D. J., Scharf, M., & Shulman, S. (2018). The role of change in self-criticism across young adulthood in explaining developmental outcomes and psychological wellbeing. Journal of Personality, 87: 785-798. Impact factor: 3.084.

4. Michaeli, Y., Kalfon Hakhmigari, M., Scharf, M., & Shulman, S. (2018). Romantic outcomes in young adulthood: The role of dependency, parental support, and reflective functioning. Journal of family psychology, 32(7), 873 881. Impact 1. Factor: 2.354.

5. Shulman, S., Hakhmigari, M. K., Michaeli, Y., Tuval-Maschiach, R., & Dickson, D. J. (2016). Achieving work and love authorship in emerging adulthood: Types, psychosocial correlations, and precursors. Emerging Adulthood, 4(4), 258-271. RG Journal Impact (2018-2019): 0.89, Cited by 2.

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