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2023-2024 Academic Calendar

First Day of Fall Semester

Sunday, 24.12.2023

Election day

Tuesday, 27.2.2024

Christmas Day**

Monday, 25.12.2023

Last Day of Fall Semester

Friday, 1.03.2024

Semester Break (Exam Period)

Sunday, 3.03.2024 - Sunday, 31.03.2024

First Day of Spring Semester

Monday, 1.04.2024

Passover Holiday**

Friday, 19.04.2024 – Monday, 29.04.2024

Eve of Holocaust Memorial Day*

Sunday, 05.05.2024

Eve of Israel Memorial Day*

Sunday, 12.05.2024

Israel Memorial Day**

Monday, 13.05.2024

Israel Independence Day**

Tuesday, 14.05.2024

Last Day of Spring Semester

Tuesday, 25.06.2024

Shavuot Holiday**

Tuesday, 11.06.2024-Wednesday, 12.06.2024

Semester Break (Exam Period)

Wednesday, 30.06.2024-Friday, 26.07.2024

Eid el Adha**

Sunday, 16.06.2024

First Day of Summer Semester

Sunday, 28.07.2024

MTA Closed

Sunday, 18.08.2024- Friday, 23.08.2024

Last Day Summer Semester

Friday, 20.09.2024

Summer Exam Period

Sunday, 22.09.2024

Classes are paused during Memorial Ceremonies (9:45 – 10:30)
Itzhak Rabin Memorial Ceremony - Thursday, 26.10.2023
Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony- Sunday, 05.05.2024
Israel Memorial Day Ceremony - Sunday, 12.05.2024


(*) Classes will end at 18:00 (6:00pm) 

(**) No Classes 

MTA follows the Jewish calendar and not the Gregorian.

The academic calendar will change annually and updated accordingly. 


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