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Suicidal behavior: what do we know?

Conducted by:

Dr. Sami Hamdan / School of Behavioral Science

Suicidal thoughts and behavior is a significant health problem that affects individuals, families, and communities. Years of research are dedicated to understand the causes better and to improve the predictability of suicidal behaviors.

In this lecture, we aim to present briefly data of different studies on specific risk factors that may increase the risk of suicidal behaviors. In one study, the degree of relation to a suicidal person increased the risk for suicide among other family members. In another study, there was a  significant association between Identity crisis and risk for suicide in Ethiopian young adults. In addition, shyness was correlated to suicidal ideation in a college students sample. Finally, we will present whether nonsuicidal self-injury increases the risk of suicidality in adolescents.

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