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MTA Faculty Research Showcase

Right Winger Voters: Political Behavior of Young-Adults in Israel

Dr. Irit Adler, Dr. Noa Lavie /  School of Government and Society

Efficient Reasoning with Inconsistent Information

Prof. Ofer Arieli / School of Computer Science

The Role and Functioning of Different Organs in Corporate Governance: The Israel Case

Dr. Omer Berkman / School of Computer Science; Dr. Shlomit Zuta /  School of Management and Economics

Grief Over Patients, its Implications on Compassion Fatigue and the Role of Social Acknowledgment Among Psycho-oncologists.

Dr. Michal Braun; Prof. Gil Goldzweig, Mrs. Adi Angler; Prof. Ilanit Hasson Ohayon / School of Behavioral Science

Do They Really Mean It? An Analysis of the Predictive Validity of Merger Announcements

Dr. Racheli Calipha / School of Management and Economics

Prof. Avri Ravid / Yeshiva University, Prof. Roni Feldman / Hebrew University

To Err is Human? Measurement of “Accident Proneness”

Dr. Irene  Diamant / School of Behavioral Science

Meta-analysis of Some Standard Animal Models for the Research of Affective Disorders

Dr. Yelena Stukalin, Prof. Haim Einat / School of Behavioral Science

Cognitive Reserves and Diagnosing Cognitive Decline

Dr. Odelia Elkana / School of Behavioral Sciences

Sex, Ethnicity and Age Differences in Developing Osteophytes in Cervical Spine Vertebrae

Dr. David Ezra / School of Nursing Science

Threatening Self-Esteem Promotes Transphobia

Dr. Ofer Fein / School of Behavioral Science

Would computers eliminate the math?

Dr. Elazar Goldenberg / School of Computer Science

Big Data in Theory-Driven Research: New Directions in Data Collection and Measurement

Dr. Galit Gordoni / School of Management and Economics

The Sociological Contribution to a Bio-Ethical Regulation

Dr. Yael HaShiloni-Dolev / School of Government and Society

Is there New Ethnicity?

Dr. Nurit Hashimshony-Yaffe / School of Government and Society

Inter-Group Assistance:Between Altruism and Control

Dr. Samer Halabi School of Behavioral Sciences

Suicidal behavior: what do we know?

Dr. Sami Hamdan / School of Behavioral Science

Who is Afraid of Immigration and Why?

Dr. Odelia Heizler / School of Management and Economics; Dr. Osnat Israeli / Ashkelon Academic College

Individual Stress Response Patterns: Are All One of a Kind?

Prof. Rebecca Jacoby, Prof. Gil Goldzweig / School of Behavioral Science

Stability, Democracy and Rule of Law: Post-Crisis Central Banking

Prof. Arie Krampf / School of Government and Society

Minorities in the Precarious Labor Market of Cultural Industries: The Case of Palestinian-Israelis

Dr. Noa Lavie / School of Government and Society

Work-Family Conflict and Family and Job Resources among Women: the Role of Negotiation

Dr. Noa Nelson / School of Economics and Management;  Meitar Moshe and Dana Moshe / Academic College Graduates

The Politics of Knowledge in the Delivery Room

Ms. Gila Nikomarov Nahum / School of Nursing Science

The Family that reached the very old age: Missing functioning of vital life environment

Dr. Sharon Ramer Biel / School of Government and Society

Three’s Company:The Roles of Attachment Orientation, Emotion Regulation, and Mentalizingin the Transition to Parenthood

Dr. Dana Shai / School of Behavioral Sciences

About computers that change themselves while working

Dr. Esti Stein / School of Computer Science; Prof. Yossi Ben-Asher / University of Haifa

The Influence of Obligation and Asset Gaps on Differences in Financial Institutions Valuations

Prof. Izhak Venezia / School of Management and Economics

Unaccompanied Minors in Germany and Israel

Dr. Hadas Yaron Mesgena / School of Government and Society

Mr. Hannes Käckmeister / University of Education in Freiburg and University of Strasbourg

Skills Demand and Supply Forecast in Israel

Mr. Sani Ziv School of Management and Economics

What is the Imputed Social Value of Public Healthcare? A Case of Israel

Mr. Sani Ziv / School of Management and Economics

Dr. Erez Yerushalmi / Birmingham University

Richness of the Therapeutic Technique as Process Factor in Psychotherapy

Dr. Sharon Ziv Beiman / School of Behavioral Science

The Impact of Choice of Approaches andMethods in Psychotherapy

Dr. Sharon Ziv-Baimen / School of Behavioral Sciences

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